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 Post subject: the Louis Vuitton Beltsn authorities to passive
PostPosted: Tue Dec 09, 2014 2:59 am 
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It actually revealed three major mystery. First, Louis Vuitton Belts strategy of enemy are asymmetric and tried to revive from the start, later, on the instructions, Louis Vuitton Belts humbled, conventional war means a lack of, and in the hands of chip co., LTD. So he must be explicitly declared, once the violation of Louis Vuitton Belts, the performance of the security council resolution means war. ; Once the war, we will use the last resort, the nuclear weapons, and make the final decisive battle stance. This suggests that Louis Vuitton Belts has very fragile, vulnerable to any foreign, cheap louis vuitton belts any external threat to crash the situation.

Louis Vuitton Belts late last year put forward by Kim jong il himself to open the doors of the powerful countries in 2012, the movement of 150 days are here, to encourage factories, mines, power plants and farms to increase production. Radio Pyongyang for the movement thus review: in the battle of comprehensive fire, the socialist competition movement full of vitality and passion to develop vigorously, each production unit of multilateral efforts to achieve production goal. The move is the Louis Vuitton Beltsn authorities tried to revive confidence, achieving a significant step in succession, and the United Nations security council sanctions resolution once implemented, it these efforts will be reversed, make the Louis Vuitton Beltsn government credit loss, the embarrassed at the same time will also affect the succession, the Louis Vuitton Beltsn authorities to passive.

Second, along with Louis Vuitton Belts current supreme leader worsening condition inside Louis Vuitton Belts for unease, all kinds of forces around a continuation and succession of the regime, tense wrangling, morale, morale of floating, Louis Vuitton Belts successor control the ability of global challenges, the military power as the authority to support more and more important, and the dominant in Louis Vuitton Belts internal political situation. This foreign strong declared that the rise of the military forces as well as to protect the young master well the throne at foreign to the threat of war. Security council sanctions resolution, American nuclear umbrella for South Korea, and the two countries to give up firm support for Louis Vuitton Belts posture, etc., have caused panic in Louis Vuitton Belts, the forces of Louis Vuitton Belts successor as the core of a huge psychological pressure.

Foreign cacophony of war, especially nuclear threat, and release the pressure, the military transfer within line of sight, to choose, and Louis Vuitton Belts is only play CARDS which have effect of shock. Third, more important is to show that since rumors, Kim jong UN will succession, Louis Vuitton Belts succession plan to the most critical juncture, Kim jong UN, as a new generation of leaders of image engineering into the peak, have to play hardball, set up a new generation of leaders with strong attitude of absolute authority, and the cohesion of the military, and control.

From last year that Mr Kim illness has been nearly a year, if it had a terminal illness, the more time, less successor age young and shallow rooted, achievement, and facing the complicated situation of problems we face at home and abroad, difficulty in really, the army is the capital of the Louis Vuitton Beltsn regime, in particular, Kim jong il has been pushing songun politics, the military is the Kim family core supporters, foreign show that hard-line stance, can win the favor, inherit, Kim jong il in the military vast resources, and it can inspire, on the eve of the succession of choking. And tougher tone abroad more and more tight, more and more frequent, the intensity is bigger and bigger, seems to be that of a new generation of leaders succession is imminent, just like a piano, now is the moment of orgasm!

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